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Posting Title:Technical Assistant / Communication Officer
Job Location: Yaounde, Comeroom
Skill Required: Media And Communication,
Preferred Experience: 5 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 14th Jan, 2022

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Job Description

To facilitate the implementation of project activities, IUCN is looking for a Technical Assistant / Communication Officer He or she will be placed under the supervision of the IUCN office. IUCN Cameroon

Main Responsibilities

Placed under the technical supervision of the Project Coordinator, the Technical Assistant / Communication Officer is responsible for assisting the Project Coordinator in the implementation of technical activities in the project site, to ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the Project as well as the communication, visibility, and dissemination of project results.

Duties and responsibilities

He/she must:

  • Liaise directly with the national project coordinator to design and implement all project activities in his area of ​​competence throughout the duration of the project.
  • Report on-site activities, supervision of the various consultants hired, and relations with all project stakeholders in the intervention area.
  • Coordinate closely with other complementary or parallel initiatives undertaken by other partners at the landscape level to ensure maximum synergy.

Specific tasks

Technical implementation

  • Ensure consistency between the different elements of the program and related activities implemented or financed by other donor organizations;
  • Support to the Project Coordinator in the preparation of annual and quarterly work plans and budgets on the basis of the annual work plan approved by the regional steering committee;
  • Prepare terms of reference for activities, including local consultants and contractors;
  • Prepare and follow the contract of local consultants
  • Coordinate the activities of the consultants and ensure the punctuality and quality of the results.
  • Prepare the project report.
  • Establish close liaison with the regional coordinator of the project on the implementation of cross-border activities in order to ensure the coherence of interventions at the regional level;
  • Ensure the collection and compilation of socio-economic data (population and their dynamics, population activities, economic importance of the forestry sector, etc.);
  • Ensure the implementation of the structures and tools provided for in the project deliverables;
  • Ensure the preparation and improvement of documents produced by team members for the implementation of the action;
  • Organize events, meetings, technical workshops;

Establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in the preparation and facilitation of at least one annual planning session and another for project monitoring and capitalization (annual and semi-annual work plans with a clear definition of expected products and results, budgets,…)
  • Develop a system and tools for monitoring-evaluation, capitalization, and learning in relation to project activities;
  • Coordinate the implementation and smooth running of the actions carried out within the framework of this system, in collaboration with the other members of the team as well as with the partners concerned;
  • Compile the information and reports resulting from the activities of the project partners;
  • Assist the Project coordinator in consolidating partners’ annual reports and drafting the summary of the annual activity report;
  • Prepare the terms of reference, support, and coordinate external evaluations by providing the support necessary for their successful completion;
  • At the request of the project coordinator,
  • Facilitate and guide the capitalization of project results through semi-annual or annual internal project evaluations.
  • Contribute to the design of project ideas to include learning activities, including monitoring and evaluation;

Support for project partners

  • Provide technical support to partners in planning, monitoring, and evaluation at the level of field projects and program components;
  • Provide training support in monitoring and evaluation according to the needs of partners to familiarize them with the tools and procedures in this area;
  • Support partners in exercises to capitalize on lessons learned within projects, in particular for the dissemination of lessons in participatory management, coherent natural resource management systems, and to influence sectoral policies.

Communication, documentation, and capacity building

  • Support the dissemination of environmental information through the media (films on environmental information management);
  • Support the mobilization/dissemination of information on environmental policies to parliamentarians and civil society;
  • Publish and widely disseminate good practices for the sustainable management of natural resources integrating climate change;
  • Develop and implement a Project communication plan;
  • Develop and implement appropriate and appropriate communication mechanisms for the Project,
  • Produce and/or supervise the production and dissemination of information and communication supports;
  • Collect, analyze, organize and disseminate essential project information;
  • Create, update and regularly update the Project web page;
  • Ensure good visibility of the Project at all levels (local, regional and international) and at all occasions (workshops, seminars, international meetings, etc.);
  • Facilitate contacts with the media (local, regional and international) and organize, if necessary, media campaigns;
  • Ensure the capitalization and dissemination of experiences
  • Contribute to ensuring proper dissemination of the results from the monitoring-evaluation-capitalization system;
  • Produce from the 2nd year a document to capitalize on the experiences and lessons learned from the program.


  • University degree at Masters or higher level in environmental sciences, communication, social sciences, economics or equivalent.
  • Justify good capacities in terms of multi-actor mobilization, collaboration with governments and state entities, multilateral actors, communities, and the private sector;
  • Excellent command of computer tools, office automation, MS Office as well as a good knowledge of geographic information systems, and/or database management;
  • Fluency in French and English, oral and written;

Desired experience:

  • Have at least 5 years of relevant experience in one of the fields related to the management of the project, including environmental communication;
  • Very good written and oral communication skills, in animation and working autonomy in a multicultural environment;
  • Very high capacity for synthesis and excellent ability to reproduce complex technical reports in a language accessible to the general public;
  • Relational ease and ability to work in a team and in networks;
  • Excellent command of the national languages ​​of Equatorial Guinea (including Spanish and French). Knowledge of English is an asset.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the practice of oral and online written press;
  • Knowledge of office automation and communication software (Word, Excel, Photoshop, Quark Express, Page Maker, Adobe, New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC), etc.);
  • Familiarity with the international context;
  • Autonomy in work and ability to work in a multicultural team;
  • Be very available;


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